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Polyflake® is manufactured to high industrial standards using top-grade ingredients and quality assurance by POLYFLAKE® 

New Life

Polyflake® can completely restore industrial, marine and chemical equipment to its original condition.

Extreme Toughness

The combination of corrosion and abrasion resistance allows Polyflake® to extend the operational life of your equipment.

Time Saving

Delays and uncertain completion dates through conventional repairs or extended delivery times of new equipment can be eliminated. Equipment either corroded or worn beyond effective use can quickly be restored to its original condition by Polyflake® and last longer than the original equipment's life span.

Stress Free

Polyflake® has a proven track record for providing excellent service, a quick turn-around time and long lasting results.

Machining and Surface Preparation

Firstly, the surface of the equipment is completely grit blasted (Grit 2.5SA Swedish standard) so corrosion and foreign material are removed before an adhesion base coat of Polyflake® is applied. Layers of Polyflake® reinforcement coating are then applied to rebuild, fill pits and even plug holes in corroded surfaces. The rebuilt equipment can then be machined to final tolerances by normal metal cutting tools. Depending on the type of machinery to be treated, Polyflake®' can be applied by spray, brush or trowel method.

Resistance to Undercutting

Resistance to undercutting is crucial because there is always the possibility of mechanical damage to any lining. However, Polyflake's extraordinary vacuum bonding means corrosion will only occur at the point of impact. Some alternative linings such as rubber or sheet linings undercut and expose large areas to attack, requiring costly repairs and more down time. Polyflake® increases the bond strength to the substrate, and has a vacuum effect with the steel which prevents undercutting.

Cost will depend on a variety of factors but in general Polyflake® is competitively priced compared with alternative methods and in most instances it compares favorably in terms of replacement cost.

Polyflake® coatings are 'High Build' (i.e. 1/2-1mm thick) using between 2-4 times the quantity of materials used in alternative multi-coat systems. As a result the actual material costs are higher, however the final overall cost is made up from materials, gritblasting and application costs. As the latter two items will be more or less the same for Polyflake® compared to alternative systems, the overall price difference is relatively small - usually in the order of 20 - 30%.

The higher expenses are more than adequately justified by the inherent technical advantages of the material, extended lifetime of equipment and lower maintenance costs.

In some applications, particularly in the marine field where dry dock time is crucial, the rapid cure and overcoating intervals of as low as 1/2 hour produces savings far in excess of the extra applied costs of the Polyflake® coating system.




Marine Industry

Marine Hulls, Decks, Rudders, Cooler End-covers, Condensor End-covers, Flanged Pipe Systems, Turbo-Cooling Pipes, Propeller Housing, Heat Exchangers, Propellers, Bow-thruster Housings, Multi-stage Saltwater Pumps, Oil Cooler Covers, Rudder Skeggs, Sewage Tanks, Water Tanks (FDA Approval)Flock Tanks, Swimming Pools, Nirex Units, Heat Exchange Tube Plates, Salt Water Internal Piping Rehabilitation (removing old rubber lining in situ), Grey Water Internal Piping, Strainer Housings, Cross Over Pipes, Oil and Diesel Tanks, Ballast Tanks, Sea Chests, and more!
Most applications can be done in situ during sailing, eliminating downtime.


Chemical Process Industry

Pumps, Blowers, Storage Tanks, Pipe Systems, Storage Tank Bottom-plates, Centrifugal Fans and Housings, Smoke Stacks. Sewage Purification Plants: Water Box Covers, Pipe Systems, Sewage Pumps, Valves, Valve Cage Cooling Pumps, Basins, Tanks, Trenches, Concrete Tanks & Lining of Concrete Pipe Systems.

Water Treatment Plants

Butterfly Valves, Pipe Systems (large and small diameter), Concrete Water Storage Tanks, Gate Valves.

Powerstations/Hydro Stations

Water-boxes, Cooler End-covers, Impellers, Cooling Centrifugal Pumps, Main Condenser Doors, Multi-stage Pump Bowls, Vacuum Maintaining Pumps, Tube Plates.


Railroad Hooper Cars, Truck Chassis Containers, Container Platforms.

Basic Surfaces

Metals, Bronze, Aluminium, GRP, PVC and Concrete.












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