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                             Hydraulic Cylinder Machining 

Polyflake Hydraulic Department offers a comprehensive service for the overhaul, repair, and renewal of hydraulic cylinders up to 558.8mm (22”) bore, 7.9m (26’) stroke, with operating pressure up to 350 bar (approx. 5,000 psi).

The basic estimate, for the standard tests and overhaul, includes:

  • Pressure test to check for leakages.

  • On double-acting units, by-pass test to check the internal leakages.

  • Unit disassembly.

  • Rod straightness check.

  • Inspection and cleaning of the mechanical parts.

  • Replacement of the gasket set and of synthetic wear bushings.

  • External sandblasting NACE SP 5 / ISO 8501 Sa 2 and application of 50micron (2mils) inorganic zinc shop primer.

  • Unit reassembly, pressure (and bypass) test, including workshop certificate.

In case are necessary parts replacement or repairs over and above the basic estimate, the Customer is informed, with a written report, waiting for his decisions. 

If the cylinder cannot be recovered, it is applied only a small fee, already indicated in the initial estimate, to cover the costs of the initial inspection.

The non-standard overhaul range can include the following activities:

  • Inspection and repairs of weld cracks (NDT testing)

  • Mechanical commercial parts replacement (like spherical bushings, greasing nipples, clevis), etc.

  • Barrel honing

  • Material supply and machining for:

    • Cylinder barrel reconstruction or replacement.

    • Cylinder rod re-chroming or replacement.

    • Metallic bushings.

    • Flanges, plates, oil ports, and piping renewal.

  • Welds repairs

  • External treatments above the inorganic zinc shop primer:

    • Finishing in the Customer color

    • Finishing with Customer cycle

    • Suitable for harsh and marine environments

To receive an estimate, e-mail us at  or call us at +1  (954)-398-3115 

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