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Polyflake® has been a leader in the corrosion restoration industry for 34 years.

Since 1989 the company has dedicated itself to the development and application of anti-corrosion materials for both new and heavily corroded parts. We take pride in our environmental impact and safety considerations in relation to our products. 

POLYFLAKE® provides professional advice to the Customers suggesting the most appropriate resin and instructions for its correct application. Resins are produced “on-order” and "on time" to guarantee the optimal performances.

POLYFLAKE® can provide the expertise for the correct application of the resin, or "turnkey" coating project including:

  • Inspection and validation of the surface.

  • Surface preparation with the most advanced technologies avoiding dust and limiting the production of noxious waste.

  • Efficient application of the coating with proprietary plural component airless spraying systems.

  • Coating integrity testing.

We have our own fully conditioned workshops, eco blast rooms, spray cabins, an extensive machine park and assembly hall; each conforming to the highest industrial standards. 

Polyflake®  has European and International Certifications and full Marine Liability Insurance.

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